Here are some titles I’ve been working on.

..I will be updating this site over time, as I find old screenshots or reviews :)

Football Manager Live
That was an interesting Project. The first MMO Football game out there. Together with Olliver Collyer and Paul Norman, we build this new game from scratch. I was majorly involved to creating an easy to use interface, despite the massive amount of stats and information the game was to contain. Many things were later adapted to the football manager series. This game was hugely addictive, however, it just survived a couple of years on the market and is no longer published.

Football Manager Handheld Series
I was responsible to shrink the massive Football manager into a 480/272px screen which was quite a challenge. However, we succeeded in a way that the game was very accessable, easy to pick up and navigate.
It was and still is a highly praised game, leading the sale charts in UK game retailers for weeks, and got top reviews also.
Football Manager Handheld (PSP) 2008
Football Manager Handheld (PSP) 2007
Football Manager Handheld 2006

Football Manager 2008
Football Manager 2006
Football Manager 2005

Out of the Park Baseball 12
Out of the Park Baseball 11
Out of the Park Baseball 10
Out of the Park Baseball 9 – Find some screenshots on Steam
Out of the Park Baseball 8 – which is now free btw.
Out of the Park Baseball 2007
Out of the Park Baseball 2006

A little cardgame for the iPhone.