Archives: September 2012

Spaceship Screen Elements

This is a little test doing some imaginary screen elements in blender 3d. It’s probably much easier to do in another software like After Effects or similar. It was still fun :). The soundtrack used is called “Moments in Space” written by spinmeister.

30,Sep,2012 3D, Animation Aurelio
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Robotic Arm – Animation

I finally got around to animate this Arm. As always everything done in Blender. Hope you like it.

24,Sep,2012 Animation, Feature , , , Aurelio
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Robot Arm

I did this little modeling practice today. The intention of modeling the robotic arm was to do some animation with it. The skinning of the model is not finished yet, and I probably will add some more details to the model. Apart from that I’m happy with the new wire shader I got from Blendswap. It […]

7,Sep,2012 3D, Modelling Aurelio
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