Archives: February 2012


The two boxers are rigged now, so I did some animation tests. Works quite good so far. Some textures still need some refinement, but as most of it will not be visible in the final renders, I won’t be spending too much time on detailing. Those figures are not the high- but medium resolution meshes. […]

16,Feb,2012 3D, Modelling Aurelio
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Boxer Rendering

So here is a test-render of a boxer, based on my previous boxer model. I just altered the head and anatomy a bit. It was rendered in cycles, and though this render-engine doesn’t support normal maps yet, the result looks quite decent in my opinion. The skin has been painted and generated with Zbrush. I […]

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Boxing Stadium

This was a first test for the Title Bout Championship Boxing, boxing stadium.

3,Feb,2012 3D, Games, Modelling Aurelio
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