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Gaming Illustrated – TBCB 2013 Review

Gaming Illustrated has posted a good review about our Boxing game. 70% total rating with 8 Points for the presentation… I can live with that ;). Of cause we are conscious of the flows and shortcomings of the game. But Title Bout Championship Boxing now has a good foundation to build on.  

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Boxing Stadium

This was a first test for the Title Bout Championship Boxing, boxing stadium.

3,Feb,2012 3D, Games, Modelling Aurelio
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Title Bout 2.6

I’m currently working on our new Boxing title. For this version I’m using a lot of Blender for the Background images and the menus. This image was not rendered in Blender yet, but with the progress on the cycles render engine, I’ll probably use that engine soon. Here a sample image: You can see some […]

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YourSquare Game Icons

Did a little icon set for a friend and ex-colleague Francis Cole. He just programmed a puzzle game for mobile phones. You have to navigate a little square through different phases and through obstacles by resizing it. Give it a try, it’s fun! It works on Windows Phones:

11,Sep,2011 Games Aurelio
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