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Instantcard – Gerenciador de Cartões

Este video foi feito para Instantcard, um gerenciador de cartões para o iPhone e smartphones utilizando o sistéma Android. A animação do telefone foi feita completamente em blender 3d. A animação da tela foi feita com Sony Vega por ellisvideoproduções.

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Vignette – Ellis Video Produção

This is a Title intro I did for Ellis Video Produções in Brasil. The Logo was modeled and animated in Blender 2.63. Compositing and Lens flare effects in Adobe After Effects.

13,May,2013 Animation Aurelio
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Spaceship Screen Elements

This is a little test doing some imaginary screen elements in blender 3d. It’s probably much easier to do in another software like After Effects or similar. It was still fun :). The soundtrack used is called “Moments in Space” written by spinmeister.

30,Sep,2012 3D, Animation Aurelio
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Robotic Arm – Animation

I finally got around to animate this Arm. As always everything done in Blender. Hope you like it.

24,Sep,2012 Animation, Feature , , , Aurelio
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