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Boxer Rendering

So here is a test-render of a boxer, based on my previous boxer model. I just altered the head and anatomy a bit. It was rendered in cycles, and though this render-engine doesn’t support normal maps yet, the result looks quite decent in my opinion. The skin has been painted and generated with Zbrush. I […]

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Boxing Stadium

This was a first test for the Title Bout Championship Boxing, boxing stadium.

3,Feb,2012 3D, Games, Modelling Aurelio
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I haven’t been working in Zbrush for quite a while, and it’s always a bit strange to come back to the pixologic approach of a user interface… It’s fun and somehow refreshing though! Hopefully this Boxer character I’m trying to finish in my spare time, will look good, once it’s textured and rendered. I’m not […]

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New Title Bout Boxing Logo

Ok, so here is a new version of our old Golden vector logo, this time done in 3d. The boxing fans in our forum liked the old look, so the idea rose, just to updated the old logo, and try to give it somehow a “classic” look. The Belt and the Text was modeled in […]

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Title Bout Logo idea

This was a logo concept done in Blender and rendered with the internal Blender render engine. It was basically my first try to build a logo completely in 3d, and i think it didn’t come out too bad :). We won’t be using this logo though, as it differs too much from the original one.

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Title Bout 2.6

I’m currently working on our new Boxing title. For this version I’m using a lot of Blender for the Background images and the menus. This image was not rendered in Blender yet, but with the progress on the cycles render engine, I’ll probably use that engine soon. Here a sample image: You can see some […]

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Fuji X100 – Blender 3d model

I had some free time lately, as my main computer broke. So I tried out modeling some things in blender, on my wife’s rather old 13″ Macbook. It worked really good so far. Blender has become extremely stable, and is pretty lightweight for the features it offers. I might stick to it. I am still […]

27,Jul,2011 3D, Modelling Aurelio
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